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  1. Intro of straight knife for plate shears
    The knife materials of plate shears commonly include T10,
    9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, H13, alloy steel, and other products.
    These products are popular in the light marketplace, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, devices,
    electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure building, and decoration industries.
    This article will in brief introduce the straight knife utilized in plate shears.

    The following is a directory of contents
    Material of direct knife for plate shears
    Maintenance approach to straight knife

    Material of straight knife for registration shears
    There are three main sorts of materials selected for your blade of
    plate shears, particularly carbon tool steel,
    decreased alloy tool steel, and alloy tool steel.

    Carbon dioxide bonded tool steel
    Carbon steel is mostly made of 65, SEVENTY-FIVE steel, T8, T10, along
    with materials. The heat treatment hardness from the blade produced
    by this material is inside range of hrc57-59 levels. It is suitable for your recycling and shearing regarding ordinary low-carbon cold-rolled discs,
    ordinary A3 plates, plus waste. This feature is less costly and appropriate product cost.

    Low alloy tools
    The very popular materials of low alloy tool steel blades
    are 6CrW2Si, Cr5Mo1V, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, and so on. the heat treatment hardness in the blade is within the oven of HRC58-62 degrees.
    It really is specially used to shear metal, which is suitable for the
    shear of the hot-rolled denture, stainless steel, medium, as well as
    thick plate.
    Alloy program steel
    The shear sword materials of alloy instrument steel
    include 4Cr5MoSiV1 (H13), 7cr7mo2v2si9 (LD), W6Mo5Cr4V2
    (6542), H13, and so on. The blade of this material is employed for
    hot rolling billets in addition to hot shearing medium as well as thick
    steel plates. It’s characterized by high-temperature
    battle and difficult annealing. Its used for hot going and hot shearing functions in steel mills.

    Maintenance means of straight knife
    Only good maintenance tend to make the blade of plate shears have got a long service
    life and make users apply it more smoothly. The blade of that plate shearing machine belongs to one of the forging machineries, and its main function is a
    metal processing industry. Let’s look at the maintenance method in the blade of the eating
    plan shearing machine.
    lOperate in strict accordance using the operating procedures.

    lBefore each and every startup, add lubricating acrylic
    regularly, at fixed points and quantitatively as outlined
    by the requirements of the actual lubrication chart.
    The oil should be clean and free regarding precipitation.
    lThe blade belonging to the plate shearing machine
    need to be kept clean frequently, and also the unpainted part must often be protected from anti-rust grease.

    lThe lubricating oil from the motor bearing shall possibly be replaced and filled
    on a regular basis, and the electrical part should be checked regularly for normal operation, safety and consistency.

    lRegularly check whether this triangular belt, handle, penis, and key of
    the particular plate cutter blade will be damaged.
    If the plate cutter blade is certainly worn, it shall be replaced in period and reported
    to the spare parts for any supplement.
    lRegularly check and also repair the switch, fuse and handle to guarantee their
    reliable operation.
    lLubricate and scrub the slicer tool 10 minutes before
    work every single day.
    lNon-designated personnel is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment.
    People must leave the device and stop at regular times.
    lReasonably select the shearing clearance in line with the thickness of this plate.

    lThe plate can not be stained along with impurities or hard stuff.

    lAvoid cutting and welding aged plates.
    lAvoid shearing coarse plates beyond the restrict.
    Adjust the clearance between top of the and lower blades often.

    Plate shearing machine can be a common application direction with straight knife.
    In add-on, the straight knife may also be used in plastic crushers, vest travelling bag
    shearing, etc. You can still read our blog and
    find out about our products. You could also
    contact us directly in addition to our professional personnel will certainly introduce our products back one-on-one.
    Our contact facts is ak@kingknife. cn.

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